Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Following my second passion!

As many of you, it's expensive to live out here, so I started to look for a second job.

I'm proud to say that I found one, and started working 3 weeks ago! I'm now working at the new Sports Authority store across the road from my apartment complex, and love it. Sports is one of my passions and it's nice to be around people who enjoy the same things I do. It's...ALSO...nice to have a little more money to pay my bills haha.

My new roomies are awesome and we hang out quite a bit, when we're all home of course. It's been pretty hectic between both my jobs and theirs, but we manage it! Also, Lillie is doing much better. She got bit by one of my roomie's cats and had an hole in her side because it got infected, but the scab is already gone and she's doing very well, and even plays with the other cats :-)

Work is also going well, but I've definitely been keeping busy! I'm working on one full finish job (ie we spec the flooring, paint colors, and just about every other finish that goes into the building including those of the furniture) and it's a lot like my projects in school so I've been having a blast!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it! And Mae, I LOVED your birthday cake! :-)

I miss everyone very much. I'll be flying out to see Gammy over memorial day weekend for about five days or so to say hello and catch up. It's hard being across the country from family when they're sick :-/

Hopefully everyone is doing well. We'll talk soon!


Friday, March 6, 2009


It's been a while since I've written, but I swear I have a good excuse! #1, I don't have a computer anymore besides the one at work. #2, the last two months have been tiring, and pretty much depressing.

I'm sorry to say that Mike and I have split, but we're still good friends and hang out every now and then. I've met someone, who works at the same company as me, but he's in the operations department so we never see each other while we're working, which is nice. I hate the coworker relationships stuff. Too much drama!

After Mike and I split I went back to my apartment only to find out that they had a "clerical error" and ended up changing the locks, moved all my stuff out, some of which they threw away and damaged, and stored the rest of it. Jerks. They now owe me $925 which I have yet to see.

So I ended up moving in with some friends while I looked for a new place to say and I'm glad to report that I've found one, and it's really nice. A bit further away, but still really nice, and my new roommates seem to be really nice as well! They have cats so Lily will finally have some friends to play with!

I've found out on Tuesday that Gammy has pancreatic and liver cancer. She starts chemo next week, for three weeks, only to be tested again. We're not sure how long she has, but she's keeping in good spirits. She turns 80 yrs old tomorrow! It makes it hard for me, knowing I'm so far away and can't help, but my mother, Aunt B, and Uncle George are spending the weekend with her and Poppy for her birthday so I know she's in good hands :-) I'll be heading out to the east coast to visit around Easter, unless I have to go earlier. Everyone pray for her!!!

My dad also is in the hospital, found out on the same day...which sucked to be honest. He had a blood clot in his knee that moved up to his lungs and he passed out. Apparently there were some other smaller ones, but he's been put on heavy medicine to dissolve the clots and should be out of the hospital tomorrow!

Bad things do happen in threes, I found out my step cousin got diagnosed with lymphoma last week. Found that out on Tuesday too.'s been an overall bad week.

BUT!!!! I'm going snowboarding tomorrow! I've been so busy moving, packing, etc., for the last two months that I haven't had time and now I finally get to go! I'm so excited.

Oh..and my birthday is coming up, it's awesome, really :-)

Work is work, I like it sometimes and don't others. It's definitely a challenging job but I'm up for it. I've been working a lot of overtime ( usual), but I just need my two years...then I can go find another job if I really want to. I hate to say it though, Alaska is kind of growing on me!

I've made some wonderful new friends, and have been hanging out with them a lot, so I'm very happy.

I miss everyone and hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. Spring is almost here!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while, I've been pretty busy moving and trying to stay warm. It's been below zero since Christmas. Today is the first day it's above zero and it's 15 degrees! Yay!

Here are some pics of the city at Moonset. I didn't take them but a coworker sent them to me and I think you'll like them :-)

The City is actually in the background, small,
but you can still see it pretty well I think.
Anyways, I did end up moving. Here is my new address:
6149 Doil Circle
Anchorage, AK 99507
Mike and I plan on going snowboarding this weekend, now that it's warmed up and little and we're really excited. We've also joined a rec. volleyball league and play every sunday. It's nice because it's good exercise, it's fun, and it keeps us busy. It's hard to do much when it's so cold! Apparently this is one of the coldest winters Anchorage has seen in a while and I'm taking it in stride so I'm very proud of myself! We still only have about a foot and a half of snow, it's been too cold for us to get any more. We're hoping that the rising temperatures will give us some new snow to play with :-)
Hope everyone had a great holiday and that you're all doing well! Miss you!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


As the holidays approach, we're getting a lot more snow! We've already gotten about 12" in 24 hours, around 18" this week, and it's not going to stop any time soon.

We've been trying to go sledding as often as possible, and have taken Caiden for walks (well, he doesn't walk, he gets into his sled and we pull him haha) :-) He leaves for Canada on the 9th so it'll be a very quiet Christmas for sure.

We plan to go snowboarding this winter with a couple we know, and lately Mike and I have been going out with a girl I work with named Jenn. She's awesome and we always have a great time!

New pictures will be posted in my photobucket account!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, the life....

Well, Caiden LOVES me! My new name is "Nan," because he can't yet say Megan, but he's working hard on it! The little monster is adorable and I've grown very fond, and protective, of him.

Recent adventures have been to the point to walk, sometimes run, on the path along the water after him, having a couple's dinner with some friends and their daughter, and going to get halloween costumes! I'm delighted to say that I'm going as a German Beer Girl..Polly something or other haha, Mike is going as a pirate, and Caiden is going as Cookie-Elmo. He hasn't grasped the concept that Elmo and Cookie are separate characters yet, so he's going as Cookie Monster (blue Elmo basically haha).

The snow has officially started to fall and it's beautiful! I've finished my winter wardrobe with snowpants I bought yesterday so it's time to play. We've gotten the snowboards ready, and have found the sleds so we're hoping the snow keeps coming!

New pictures will be posted soon since I finally got them off my camera so keep an eye out for them!

Love you and miss you all!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitty Crisis

My cats are healthy! Thank god.

For the last year of school my cats, Rocky and Lily stayed with my best friend's boyfriend (not together anymore.) He also had a cat, Isis, who was close to their age and they got along great. I got a call from my best friend saying that Jordan had to put Isis down because she had feline leukemia, which is VERY contagious amongst cats (especially those that share litter and food like ours did).

So I bit the bullet and took my cats the clinic out here and had them tested. Thankfully, they're alright! I will now be getting them vaccinated in November :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Caiden's Arrival

For all of you who don't know and/or haven't heard, I met a guy out here. His name is Mike (Pictures are in the Photobucket link), and he's 27 yrs. old. He works for the US Air Force and is a Chief's Staff Sergeant. Other duties include being the Unit Deployment Manager (he decides when people get deployed) and also is a financial advisor. (Yep...he's a smart one! :-) ) Not only that, but he helped me and my mom out while she was here helping me move in. She met him, and they got along great :-)

His son, Caiden, arrives tomorrow from Canada, where his ex, Miranda, lives. Caiden turns two on Thursday! Mike hasn't dated anyone since his divorce, so this is new for all of us! I do however, get to meet Caiden on Sunday and am very excited!